Research on the Application of Plastic Art

The application of Stylus Art includes three main aspects of learning and research.

1.The history of the Use of Plastic Arts Heritage, mainly studies the ancient craft modeling in the creation and development of the creation in the history of art, and carries out special studies on the historical issues.

2.The concept of creation research which focuses on exploring the concept of ancient and modern ideas, exploring the principles of philosophy of ancient and modern creation, anthropology, psychology, engineering and so on, and concluding the theoretical summary of the concept that creation refutes the cultural life of people.

3. The application of plastic arts in contemporary social life is combined with contemporary science and technology and cultural ethics, to explore how the construction of real art life, and theoretical summary.

The goal of this direction is to cultivate talents who can carry out independent academic research in the fields of process, creation, design and technical aesthetics, and provide preparatory personnel for high-level academic research.

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