Research on Painting and Calligraphy

Painting and calligraphy research direction contains three aspects.

1. Chinese painting creation studies the inheritance and innovation of Chinese painting creation, carries out the experimental creative practice development based on the creation of traditional characters, landscapes and flowers and birds and combined with the contemporary painting context and sums up profound theory which is combined with the development of Chinese painting.

2. Western painting creation studies Western painting techniques on the basis of expanding the painting language, does experimental cross-cultural creation practice and sums into a profound theoretical conclusion combined with the elements of local painting.

3. Calligraphy creation, studies the all kinds of the body in traditional calligraphy such as Zhen, Cursive, Li, seal, Xing and other body creation to inherit calligraphy art in a better way and to do the theoretical academic summary. The goal of this direction is to cultivate creative talents with high knowledge in Chinese painting, western painting and calligraphy.

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