Industrial Design

Introduction of Product Design major in Jiangsu University

This major was founded in 1999, the original name is industrial design, recruit science students, began to recruit art students in 2003, the original name is industrial design (art); In 2012, industrial design (art) was renamed as Product Design according to the adjustment plan of university major names issued by the Ministry of Education. In 2019, it was rated as the first-class major of Jiangsu Province, in 2020, it was rated as the "Three-integrity Education" demonstration Major of Jiangsu University, and in 2021, it was rated as the National First-class Major Construction Point.

Training objectives:

This major focuses on training students to adapt to social needs and the requirements of economic development in the Yangtze River Delta region, with good humanistic and artistic accomplishment, solid theoretical foundation, strong design innovation ability and design performance ability, and a good sense of social responsibility, international vision, professional quality and team spirit. Versatile design talents who can engage in product innovation design and related user research, interaction design, display design, cultural creative design, etc.

Basic information and construction results of the major:

At present, there are 11 full-time teachers in this major, including 8 under 45 years old, 4 with doctor's degree, 1 professor and 8 associate professors. The research direction of the full-time faculty covers many fields such as product design innovation theory and application research, product form design, computer-aided industrial design, interaction and experience design, service design and so on. All the teachers have industrial background and can meet the teaching needs of theoretical courses and practical courses in the process of talent cultivation of product design specialty. Professional teachers repeatedly won the national TIA top ten design education workers, jiangsu design award outstanding education workers, "most popular" the ten top teachers in jiangsu university, jiangsu university, jiangsu university "excellent teacher" good "outstanding academic advisor", jiangsu university, jiangsu university graduate teachers "three full education advanced individual" honor.

According to the talent training needs of disciplinary development and employment demand, the product Design major scientifically constructs the curriculum system with "student-centered" and "problem-oriented", strengthens the TEACHING concept of OBE, and emphasizes the cultivation of students' cross-field innovative design ability and humanistic and artistic quality.

In professional teaching, the teaching atmosphere of "speaking with works" is actively created, and the teaching goal of "promoting innovation ability and driving innovation" is set up to improve students' "innovation power, ability and perseverance" as the goal of progressive and process teaching mode. In recent 5 years, the school has won 1 special prize, 1 first prize and 1 second prize for teaching achievements; 7 education reform projects at provincial level or above; It has built 2 provincial-level online courses, 5 university-level online courses and network courses, won 2 first-class courses in Jiangsu Province, 2 third prizes in provincial micro-lesson competition, 4 university-level teaching reform demonstration courses, 1 curriculum education demonstration course, 1 curriculum education teaching team and other honors.

Relying on the advantages of agricultural engineering discipline of the university, this major builds a comprehensive innovation practice platform of "multi-dimensional integration", emphasizing multi-dimensional integration such as inter-school exchange, school-enterprise cooperation, school-local interaction, industry-education collaboration, and science-education combination. For OEM, xugong group, sany, gree, vantage, OPPO, hangzhou flying fish design, shenzhen innovation design institute and other enterprises to provide product development, design, service and consulting more than 30 subject projects, providing guarantee training content and the conditions for innovation entrepreneurship practice, to promote the competitiveness of the students practical ability and innovative undertaking employment.

With the Yangtze River Delta as the main service area, this major focuses on the integrated development of industry, teaching, research and learning, and strengthens the design of "agricultural intelligent equipment", "new rural lifestyle" and "excellent traditional culture innovation". In intelligent agricultural machinery design, plant protection equipment design, suitable for aging product design, traditional lifestyle innovation and service design, jiangsu and other regional characteristics of cultural and creative products design, concept vehicle design and other aspects of the achievement. In recent years, professional teachers have guided students to participate in design practice. More than 100 national A-class, provincial and ministerial discipline competitions have been awarded, more than 140 patents have been authorized and accepted, and more than 70 innovation and entrepreneurship projects have been carried out.

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