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Prof. Lu Dingbang from NCKU (National Cheng Kung University) had been Appointed An Adjunct Professor of JSU

On the morning of May 23th, "Design exchanges and dialogue in both Taiwan and Chinese Mainland" was held in the lecture hall of Library, it was one of series of academic lectures. Prof. Lu Dingbang from NCKU (National Cheng Kung University) and Prof. Lu Zhangping from JSU participated as guests in this academic lecture.The ceremony that JSU appointed Prof. Lu Dingbang as an adjunct professor had taken place beforethis academic lecture, Zhu Lixin who is the Party secretary from the Art School hosted this ceremony. Another, Prof. Mei Qiang who is the vice-principal and Ph.D. supervisor issued Prof.

Lu Dingbang with the letter of appointment to be an adjunct professor of JSU and Prof. Lu Dingbang wore the school badge of JSU.Prof. Lu Dingbang had made an academic report about “Creative Thinking & Creative Management”, he shared his ideas and experience in his design practices and researches with everyone in the process, and he focused on some contents what included Design Plan, Being Created--Mirror Theory, Spreading Culture of Summer Dance Tea and so on. Then, Prof. Lu Zhangpinghad also made an academic report about “Users’ experience & Metrics”, he described the definition, characteristics and importance of the concept of "human-oriented" design by enumerating the situation of literature search in terms of “Users’ experience”.Prof. Lu Dingbang graduated from IIT (Illinois Institute of Technology) and received a doctor degree in IT Design Department. In 2006, he set up ” Institute of Creative Industries Design” what he pioneered thedegree ofMaster and Doctor with teaching in English. Many students who learned Instruction from Prof. Lu Dingbang won lots of awards, such as featured award of BraunPrize (German), gold award of IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America), awards of Red Dot Design Award (German), awards of IF Design Award (German) and so on. Another, Prof. Lu Dingbang published more than 400 articles what included SCI, SSCI and EI, he acts as a reviewer of Advanced Engineering Informatics (SCI) and International Journal of Design (SCI, SSCI, A & HCI), he also holds 33 related patents at present.

This event had attracted a large number of fans who from Art Design in JSU and JUST (Jiangsu University of Science and Technology), it made lots of audiences to have new understandings in the research progress of related fields. Many audiences got a lot of views of artistic creation, updated learning concept and broadened their research horizons by thisevent.

(Xinyi Tang)


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