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Australia’s Famous Avant-garde Artist Li Hong Came to Our School for Academic Lectures

The afternoon of May 9, School of Art held an academic lecture of Australia’s famous avant-garde painter Li Hong’s individual creation in the classroom 1308. School of Art,Jiangsu University secretary of the party committee of Jiangsu University Zhu Lixin, master’s supervisor professor Chen Jiandong, master’s supervisor associate professor Shen Rong, Department of Fine Arts chairman and master’s supervisor associate professor Jiang Songping, Department of Fine Arts vice chairman and master’s supervisor associate professor Liu Yingjun etc. together with more than 70 teachers and students presented and attended this academic lecture, moreover, teachers of fine art of other schools in the education system of Zhenjiang city were drawn into this lecture.

Li Hong was a well-known contemporary artist in Australia, graduated from Department of Print of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and College of Fine Arts of University of Sydney, was mainly occupied in concept of painting creation. At the beginning of lecture, Li Hong showed her creative works in recent years, and illustrated the creation process and the evolution of style. She considered that art should be personal without too many skills and routines to truly present inner thoughts. Started from her own artistic path, she explained perception of her art process, in which she told in detail the creative process of mother love series, allowing audiences to understand an artist’s most authentic artistic creation psychology after becoming a mother. At the last of this lecture, the present teachers and students exchanged with Li Hong with a lively atmosphere, and the present students deeply inspired and learned a lot. The lecture deepened relationship between our school’s artists and Australian artists, had a further communication and exchange of artistic creation experience, and conducted a fruitful discussion of future closer cooperation and further promoting Chinese culture in Australia. (Xu Changle)


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