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University of Idaho, school of art and architecture, Professor stephen R Drown gave an academic lecture in school of art

There was a lecture named Trans-formative Professional Education organized by Jiangsu

University School of Art at 10 am in No. 1308 classroom of School of Art on Oct 23,

2015. The speaker was Prof. Stephen R. Drown from University of Idaho Art and

Architecture College. In this lecture, Prof. Stephen introduced the father of American

landscape architecture design, ASLA, sustainable development and brownfield

reconstruction through 5 cases. And also introduced educational characters of majors that

University of Idaho Art and Architecture College had and cooperation opportunities with

Jiangsu University School of Art. Prof. Stephen also introduced courses of landscape

architecture program of University of Idaho and shared a wonderful experience of Italy

study abroad through a short video as well. Through this lecture, not only let students of

Jiangsu University School of Art comprehensively know University of Idaho very well,

but also will make academic exchanges and cooperation between two universities further

and better. After lecture, Prof. Stephen had a wide range of communication with students.

Prof. Stephen represent University of Idaho met with director and other faculties of

Jiangsu University at 2 pm. They discussed details of 3+2.5 academic program between

two universities and complete many other cooperation programs as well.


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