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A Successful Meeting between School of Art of JiangSu University and Washington State University

Dr. Rong Han, a vice dean of School of Art of JiangSu University, are invited to meet with Prof. Christopher Lupke, a leader and director of Chinese Language and culture program of Washington State University to discuss cooperative opportunities between two programs on April 29, 2014. Mr. Lu Ding who is an International Program Office Admissions Counselor of University of Idaho, and Zhenyu Liu who is a College of Art & Architecture International Activity Counselor of University of Idaho participate in this meeting.

Prof. Christopher Lupke has a very strong Chinese language and culture background. He regular flied toChinato made cultural and educational cooperation with Chinese educational institutions during the past several years. In this meeting, Prof. Christopher Lupke introduces the organization structure and development situation of Chinese Language and Culture Program of Washington State University. Also, he introduces detail information about the program building process and points the program has a huge influence in the University right now.

Dr. Rong Han introduces the basic information about bothJiangSuUniversityandSchoolofArtofJiangSuUniversityand points we are emphasis on building a good cooperation platform to support our international cooperation. Also, she talks with Prof. Christopher Lupke about cooperation opportunity in courses, research plans and other long-term cooperation works as well.


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