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Associate Dean Rong Han of School of Art of Jiangsu University had an Open Talks with Washington State University

April 17th, Associate Dean Rong Han who represents our School of Art met with Mr. Jerman Rose, who is the Vice Provost of Washington State University, at Bryan Hall. International Program Office Admission Consular Lu Ding, Art and Architecture School International Activity Consular Zhenyu Liu attended the meeting as well.

Mr. Jerman Rose gave a brief introduction on the history and development of the school. Washington State University was established 120 years ago in 1890, which has 4 campus and 8 collages. It is the first level university in top 50 of the US. Afterwards, Mr. Jerman Rose focus on the international cooperation projects and the sturdy abroad programs, when Vice Dean Rong Han introduced the general information of the structure of Jiangsu University and the international relationship of School of Art. A progressive discussion between two parts amount education quality, scientific research, and talent cultivation was established.


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