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Zhuang Rong



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【Primary courses】

Undergraduate courses:

Character Sketch, Architectural Sketch, Color Landscape Painting, Western Art Masterpiece Appreciation, Western Body Art Trip, Color Composition

Postgraduate courses:Oil Painting Landscape Sketch, Construction Sketch

【Research direction】

Art Appreciation, Oil Painting Teaching and Creation and Related Theories

【Main achievements】

1. In October 1998, Three-people Art Exhibitions at the China Art Museum.

2. In January,1999 works of art Spring to Water published in the Art Observation (national core journals) magazine, the first issue in 1999.

3. In January,1999 article Creation of Small Note published in the Art Watch (National Journal) magazine, the first issue in 1999.

4. In December, 2000, works of art Season selected into the album Zhenjiang Art Photography Ffty Years.

5. In October, 2001, works of art Fresh Peach selected into 2001 Jiangsu Province Oil Painting Exhibition.

6. In May,2002, the oil painting Bloom selected into the Art Volume in the album Twentieth Century International Cultural Department

7. In 2003, the tenth works of art were published in the Art Observation (national core journals)

8. In March 2005 and in April 2005, works of art published in the Chinese Culture News

9. In October 2005, Art works were published in the World Knowledge Illustrated.

10. In October 2010, oil painting Melon Vine was selected into the seventh session of Jiangsu Province Oil Painting Exhibition held by Jiangsu Provincial Department Culture and the Federation held

11. In October 2013, gouache Green Leaves and Flowers was selected into the art of art exhibition in Jiangsu Province by the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education hosted the ‘Time Fenghua’

12. Oil paintings were invited to participate in "the 4th 'Spiritual Rainbow Plan' of the 'Care of Responsibility' --- contemporary painting and calligraphy masters help poor children left behind the public welfare exhibition" held in August 2016 in Beijing,

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