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Master Degree Program in Chinese Folk Arts

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The Course Syllabus for Overseas Postgraduate Students

Course code

Course title: Chinese Folk Arts

.Scheduled total credits: 48  (experiments:  24   credits)  credits 3  term

Teaching method: PPT/Case Study/ Investigate study    Assessment method: Workpaper.Compatible Major: Master of Art/Master of Fine Arts/ Industrial Design Engineering

.Prerequisite course: Generality of Chinese Culture; Generality of Chinese Arts and Crafts;Research Methods of Design Arts.


Chinese folk art is a folk culture and art created by the working people. It is a group culture and art. It is a cross and multivariant social discipline.The teaching aims of this course are the following two points

(1)Through introducing the types, characteristics and development of Chinese folk art, it makes students master the cultural origin, concept, connotation, modelling system, color system, functional value, inherence, protection and others of Chinese folk art, thus to understand the research value of Chinese folk art in deeper cultural level, and meanwhile, it also stimulates students’ consciousness and enthusiasm on studying, protecting and developing Chinese excellent traditional folk culture.

(2)Through explaining, visiting and investigating some folk arts, especially some local intangible cultural heritage projects, such as Danyang disordered needlework, Huashan Taipingnijiaojiao, Jurong Qinhuai colored-lantern making, and Yangzhong bamboo weaving, it makes students understand the cultural base and development vein of local folk art more, master one or two folk arts’ technologies and techniques, and complete the relevant works independently.

. Content of the Syllabus and the Scheduled Study Hours:

Theories  (24 hours)

Chapter 1  Overview of Chinese folk art  6 hours

1.1 Origin of folk art

1.2 Classification of folk art

1.3 Basic features of folk art

1.4 Value of folk art

Chapter 2  Theme and concept of Chinese folk art  4 hours

2.1 Basic theme and means of expression of folk art

2.2 Creative ideas of folk art

Chapter 3  Modeling and color system of Chinese folk art  4 hours

3.1 Modeling system of folk art

3.2 Color system of folk art

Chapter 4  Cultural and temporal system of Chinese folk art     6 hours

4.1 Folk art and primitive culture

4.2 Folk art and lower culture

4.3 Folk art and religion culture

4.4 Folk art and folk culture

Chapter 5  Appreciation of folk art works    6 hours

5.1 Appreciation of paper-cut and embroidery

5.2 Appreciation of dyeing and weaving

5.3 Appreciation of the shadow and wood annual paintings

5.5 Appreciation of the works of sculpture and ceramics

Credits requirement for the practice   (24 hours)

(1)The visiting and Investigational Study  8 hours

(2)Design and Production of Works      16 hours

.Textbooks and Main Bibliographies

(1)WANG Yanfa.  An introduction to Chinese folk art. Petrel Publishing House.2012

(2)Editorial board of Chinese Fine Arts. The complete works of Chinese Art: Art and art editor.  People's Fine Arts Publishing House.2006

(3)PAN Lusheng. Complete collection of Chinese folk art. Shandong Friendship Publishing House/Shandong Education Press.2002

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