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Psychology in Art

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The Course Syllabus for Overseas Postgraduate Students

Course code

Course title: Psychology in Art

. scheduled total credits  36   experiments:   credits  credits 2   term

Teaching methodBlackboard-writting/PPT/Case study

Assessment methodReportOthers

.Compatible MajorMaster of Fine Arts (MFA)

.prerequisite courseIntroduction to Art Theory, Study on Art History, Art Theory and Method Study


This course is mainly to study the mental phenomenon and activity routines during the human’s artistic creation and art acceptance, which covers multiple subjects and fields. Through the study of overview of psychology in art primarily, and leading dynamic tracing that increased with special subjects in each lesion, embody the understanding of leading field and the focus on related study, which intends to get the perspectiveness; so that students can proficiently grasp the visual perception and art, consumer psychology and design, culture psychology and design, emotional design, Kansei Engineering, innovative artistic thought and more knowledge points. The research perspective is provided for the course learning of major field in the future by means of the learning and grasp of the method of cross-over study on art theory and psychology.

.Content of the Syllabus and the Scheduled Study Hours:

Chapter I Overview of Psychology in Art 2 credits hours

Chapter II Visual Perception and Art (A) 2 credits hours

Chapter III Visual Perception and Art (B) 2 credits hours

Chapter IV Consumer Psychology and Design2 credits hours

Chapter V Culture Psychology and Design2 credits hours

Chapter VI Emotional Design2 credits hours

Chapter VII Kansei Engineering2 credits hours

Chapter VIII Innovative Thought of Artistic Design2 credits hours

.Teaching Materials and Reference Books

1. Psychology of Visual Art, Ding Yuehua et al, Southwest China Normal University Press

2. The Design of Everyday Things (Four Volumes): Donald Arthur Norman et al, CHINA CITIC PRESS

3. Design Psychology (Updated Version), Liu Sha, Shanghai People's Fine Arts Press

4. Design Psychology (Version II), Li Binbin, China Light Industry Press

5. Cognitive Psychology: Cognitive Science and Your Life (Original, Version 5), Kathleen M.Galotti, China Machine Press

.Teaching teamZhuZheLiMingzhu

.the Author who write the SyllabusZhuZheLiMingzhu

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