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School of arts daily teaching activities and student competition results

International Conference on "Intelligent Innovation in Art and Design: The State of Art, Technology and Human Factors" (2019)

A total of ten guests were invited to give a special academic speech at this international conference. Vice President Zhang Jijian came and gave a welcome speech. Ten guests from home and abroad brought wonderful academic lectures.

Professor Gianni Corino of The University of Plymouth has been invited to attend the School of Arts for academic exchange (2019)

Jiangsu - the University of high level 20 + 20 alliance founding conference and international BBS "industry-university-institute" cooperation by the education department of Jiangsu province and British culture education association, by Jiangsu province - the University of high level 20 + 20 league party, chairman of the first round of unit in Jiangsu, Jiangsu University BBS period, from the University of Plymouth college of digital arts and technology, University of Plymouth), Gianni Corino professor to be invited to visit the art institute, academic communication, constructing art college and the University of Plymouth exchanges and cooperation opportunities, We will enhance the academic competitiveness and international influence of our universities to share resources for mutual benefit and win-win results.

The 7th Automobile Design Talent Cultivation and Selection Activity of Chinese Universities (2019)

Chinese universities automobile design talent cultivation activities is China automotive engineering society of professional committee by modelling, aimed at China's auto enterprises developing automobile design enterprise talents, cultivating activities include design, 2 d converted into 3 d, project practice, the whole process of enterprise designer guidance, defense and evaluation such as professional training.

Seminar on "Design Anthropology, Transformational Design and Participatory Innovation: An Overview and Future Trends" (2019)

Jiangsu university Jinshan scholars Wendy professor Gunn is the world's top, Australia Australia's Monash university, one of the eight "art, design and architecture" (MADA) college part-time professor (research), and at the same time as the emerging technology laboratory adjunct professor at Monash university, with a master's degree in social anthropology at the university of Manchester (1996) and Ph.D. (2003), her postdoctoral fellow at the university of Aberdeen in Scotland (2002-2005) research projects focus on the relationship between human perception and creativity skills.

An Experiential Exhibition of Calligraphy Art in Jiaoshan Stele Forest (2019)

"Virtual and Real Image-Experiential Tour Exhibition of Calligraphy Art in Jiaoshan Steles Forest" was funded by The 2017 Communication and exchange project of Jiangsu Art Foundation and toured in Jiangsu University Library, Jing-du International Exchange Center and Jing-du Art Museum respectively in May and July 2018. 2019 "for JiaoShan inscriptions of VR, AR and 3 d printing technology application research for Zhenjiang focus on research and development program (social development) project funding, let the team can be further from the virtual reality, augmented reality and 3 d printing technology application, and in view of the immovable cultural heritage experience exhibition technology paradigm of exhibition system research and improvement.

Antonio PietroLatini, University of Maryland, United States, Appointed as Jinshan Distinguished Professor of OUR University (2019)

Professor Antonio Pietro Latini, italians, registered architects, planners, landscape architects, and conservationists, proficient in Italian, English, has in many international well-known universities and work experience, was a part-time assistant professor at Columbia University in the United States, by the university of Rome, Italy, Rome, the third of the university of Trieste university and other famous university professor hired as, as a teaching, a researcher at the university of Oregon as a architecture, a professor at the university of Maryland. In Italy at the same time multiple related government agencies, the design of urban planning and design units and other important jobs, including the Italian national urban institute researcher, Catania, Italy, head of the city planning office, Italy's biggest construction company BonificaS. P.A project manager and head of regional planning and urban design.

"The Three Parties ask the Ruler a Thousand Li" Sketch Exhibition of Famous Chinese Paintings (2019)

"Three parties ask a Ruler a thousand li" the nearly 100 fine works of famous Chinese painters in the short pieces exhibition were specially created by Yang Guoping, vice chairman of Hunan Artists Association, Liu Jialing, professor of Art College of Jiangsu University, and You Shan, vice chairman of Art Association of Xinjiang Construction Corps. The exhibition is co-sponsored by Hunan Artists Association, Xinjiang Construction Corps Artists Association, CPC Dacheng County Party Committee, People's Government of Dacheng County and Art College of Jiangsu University. It is undertaken by Dacheng Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau and Jin-Wei Art Museum of Dacheng County. The Institute of Fine Arts of Art College of Jiangsu University provides academic support. The exhibition was hosted by Zhu Lixin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Art, Jiangsu University. CCTV, Hebei TV, Langfang TV and Dacheng TV carried special reports.

The First China (Nanjing) College Student Design Exhibition (2019)

On November 22nd solstice on November 24th, the first zijin award · China (nanjing) college student design exhibition was exhibited in nanjing international exhibition center. The booth of jiangsu university was extremely popular, and the cultural and creative products were also favored by everyone. Teachers and students of universities and citizens who came to visit the exhibition and design of jiangsu university gave high comments. Han Rong, dean of the School of Art, was interviewed by Jiangsu TV and introduced the features of the works exhibited by Jiangsu University in detail from three aspects: student training, regional cultural introduction, and design and creation. The interview video and news are pushed to the official news of Lychee, which shows the artistic style and spiritual outlook of teachers and students in our school.

Participated in Jiangsu Youth Painting Exhibition (2019)

The first Jiangsu Youth painting Exhibition was sponsored by Jiangsu Artists Association, Nanjing Art Institute, Jiangsu Artists Association lacquer painting Art Committee, Jiangsu Museum of Modern Art undertook, the final selection of 100 selected works, and selected from the art and some experimental and innovative 30 excellent works. The works of Chu Tong, A graduate student of our college, and A by Li Junyi were among the 100 lacquer paintings exhibited and won the Award of Excellent Works.

Participate in the 10th CDN China Automobile Design Competition (2019)

In the final of the 10th CDN China Automobile Design Competition in 2019, the works of Wei Shijia, Longjiu Town and Zhu Yuanhan of our academy won the individual champion of the best ecological solution. Chris Bangor, former BMW design director, hosted the ceremony. CDN China Automobile Design Competition is one of the most important automobile Design competitions in China. It is sponsored by Car Design News, an internationally renowned automobile Design exchange platform. Our school has participated in the China Automobile Design Competition for five times, and 10 works have been shortlisted, and 3 works have been shortlisted in the top three nominations for five times. Joint 7th in the 2019 Ranking and joint 13th in the overall ranking for the decade.

Student award-winning works

Excellence Award of Jiangsu Youth Lacquer Painting Exhibition (2019)

Shidaifenghua--Excellence Award in Jiangsu University Art Works Exhibition (2017)

Excellence Award in Shuangchengshuangxiao Exhibition (2019)

Calligraphy and Seal Cutting Works Exhibition of the First National University Graduate Students (2019)

The 7th Jiangsu New Artist Art Exhibition (2020)

Jiangsu Young Artists Association celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening Up Art Exhibition(2018)

The First Youth Art Exhibition of Jiangsu Province (2015)

China-South Korea E.LAND Scholarship Award Works (2017)

First Prize of digital Media Design Professional Group in the 12th Chinese College Students Computer Design Competition (2019)

2019 The 12th China College Students Computer Design Competition information Visual Design -- The first Prize of information Graphic Design Professional Group (2019)

Second Prize in 2019 National College Students Advertising Design Competition (2019)

Second Prize of The Proposition Weibo Contest of the 2020 National College Students Advertising Design Competition "Battle against the Epidemic" (2020)

Gold Award of University Exhibition Area of The Yangtze River Delta Creative Design Joint Exhibition (2019)

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