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The School of Art held a condolence meeting for the 2020 undergraduate students who are preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination

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In order to encourage students to actively prepare for the entrance examination, enhance their confidence in the entrance examination, and relieve the pressure of preparing for the entrance examination, the School of Arts held a symposium for the 2020 undergraduate students who are preparing for the entrance examination in Room 1308 on the morning of November 15th. Zhao Ming, the Party Secretary of the School, Han Rong, the Dean, counselors, and all the students who are preparing for the entrance examination of the 2020 class attended the symposium. The meeting was chaired by Chen Guoqiang, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice Dean of the School.

Secretary Zhao first sent his best wishes to the students preparing for the exam. He reminded the students to be determined and stable in their mindset, and to make every effort in the final sprint stage. The more you get to the end, the more you cannot give up easily. Next, Dean Han hoped that the students would be firm in their inner choices and strive for them no matter how the external environment changes. While encouraging everyone to actively prepare for the exam, Dean Han also reminded everyone to take care of their health during the preparation process, and to prepare for the postgraduate exam in a good physical and mental state.

Finally, the college leaders distributed carefully prepared gifts to every student who was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination, wishing every student to achieve their ideal results. During the condolences, the students were enthusiastic and said that they would try their best to strive for success.

The School of Arts has always attached great importance to the guidance and service work for postgraduate entrance examination, providing all-round services for postgraduate entrance examination students in terms of ideology, learning and life. I believe that every postgraduate entrance examination student can overcome difficulties and realize their postgraduate entrance examination dreams!

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