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The School of Art held a symposium to celebrate Teachers' Day

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In order to strengthen communication among teachers and feel the warmth and care of Teachers' Day,the School of Arts held a symposium to celebrate Teachers' Day in the afternoon of September 8th in the smart classroom 1302. Zhu Lixin, the secretary of the Party Committee of the College, Chen Guoqiang, the deputy secretary, Professor Liu Jianing, Associate Professor Sha Qiang, representatives of teachers from various departments, administrative staff and laboratory teachers from the college, as well as some student representatives attended the symposium.

First of all, Secretary Zhu Lixin extended his festive greetings and sincere thanks to all the teachers of the college for their hard work and selfless dedication to the development of the college. He hoped that the teachers would always maintain their love and sense of responsibility for the cause of education, continuously improve their own quality, and make greater contributions to cultivating more outstanding talents. The student representatives presented flowers to the retired old teachers, Associate Professor Sha Qiang and Professor Liu Jianing, to congratulate Teachers' Day. The two old teachers respectively expressed their gratitude and respect to the leaders and teachers of the college, and shared their experiences and insights in education for 40 years. They talked about the innovation of teaching methods, student care and cultivation, and personal development of teachers from their own teaching experience, the development of the college and the school, which aroused the resonance and reflection of the teachers present.

Next, the teachers attending the meeting exchanged their views and shared their teaching experiences and problems encountered in education. They discussed topics such as academic research, curriculum design, and student management, exchanged experiences, and contributed their wisdom and strength to the development of education. They all expressed their desire to learn from the enthusiasm and motivation of retired teachers in the education cause, strive to improve their teaching level, and provide better educational guidance for students.

Finally, Zhu Lixin, the secretary of the college, made a concluding speech. He fully affirmed the hard work and contributions of the participating teachers to the college, and put forward ardent hopes for all teachers, especially the young teachers. The holding of this symposium deepened the communication and cooperation among teachers, enhanced their sense of belonging and cohesion, and the teachers expressed their determination to study hard, work actively, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the college.

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