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Leaders of the School of Arts visited the returning students

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In order to timely understand the situation of students returning to school and grasp their learning and living status during the summer vacation, on September 3, all the leaders and counselors of the School of Arts went to the student dormitory to visit the returning students.

In the student dormitory, the leaders of the college had in-depth exchanges with the returning students, learning about their study, life and social practice during the summer vacation in detail. They hoped that the students would summarize their learning experience from the previous academic year and make targeted academic plans for this semester. At the same time, the leaders of the college exchanged views with the students on community safety, study style construction, postgraduate entrance examination employment and fraud awareness. The amiable attitude and humorous conversation of the leaders and counselors of the college brought the distance between teachers and students closer, bringing warmth to the students. The harmonious atmosphere between teachers and students, and the kind and warm care of the teachers and students permeated every student's heart.

It is a fine tradition for the college leaders to visit the returning students at the beginning of the semester. By going deep into the students' dormitories, it not only reflects the college's care and love for the students, but also enhances the communication between teachers and students, which helps to identify and solve the difficulties in students' study and life in a timely manner.

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