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The School of Art and the affiliated school of Jiangda carried out the "intangible cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation" seal cutting art learning activities

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On March 22, the School of Art and Jiangda University Affiliated School jointly held the first lecture of the "Intangible Cultural Heritage Passed down from generation to Generation" seal cutting art learning activity in Room 1306. Hu Yuanchen, president of Mengxi Printing Society of the School of Art, served as the keynote speaker, and all the fifth grade students of Jiangda Attached School participated.

First, Hu Yuanchen explained the origin and development of seal cutting, so that primary school students can better understand the development culture of Chinese characters and feel the charm of Chinese characters. Then, Hu Yuanchen led the pupils to understand the seal cutting tools and briefly explained the usage of the tools, laying the foundation for the implementation of the subsequent seal cutting practical operation course. Between the square inches, the beauty of Chinese characters is fully displayed, the simple and simple jade seal, the elegant and graceful small seal, and the seal cutting Outlines the outline of history with a brush stroke. The children were very interested and listened very carefully.

This "intangible cultural heritage passed down from generation to generation" seal cutting art learning activity has enhanced the artistic aesthetic

ability and humanistic quality of primary school students, and enriched the campus culture.


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