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The School of Art held a teaching salon on "Thinking about Digital Creativity Beyond the field"

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On the afternoon of May 9, the Teaching and Learning Development Center of the Academic Affairs Office and the School of Arts held a teaching salon "Thinking about Digital Creativity Beyond the Field" in the 1302 smart room of the School. This activity invited Xie Qingfeng, the founder and organizing committee of the China Good Creativity Competition, as the keynote speaker, Han Rong, dean of the School of Art, and more than 50 teachers and students participated in the teaching salon. The activity was presided over by Zhang Kai, vice president of the School of Art.

Secretary General Xie Qingfeng introduced in detail the characteristics of China Good Creativity Design Competition and its role in improving the innovation and competitiveness of teachers and students from the aspects of the development and analysis of China Good Creativity Competition, the evolution trend of traditional culture and digital creativity, and the integration of interdisciplinary industry-university-research. Emphasizing the development of the design industry under the background of digitalization and intelligence, it is necessary to constantly promote the diversified and cross-professional innovation that breaks the conventional thinking. Then Secretary General Xie Qingfeng from the meta-universe, artificial intelligence, traditional culture and digital creative development; Cross-boundary, interdisciplinary, cross-professional integration of industry, university and research, with the title of "Thinking about digital creation in the super-field", made a wonderful academic report for teachers and students. After the report, Secretary General Xie Qingfeng and the teachers of the School of Art conducted in-depth discussions on the organization of the China Good Creativity Competition, the integration of industry and education, teaching reform, teacher ability improvement and other aspects, and reached a consensus on the in-depth cooperation between the School of Art and the China Good Creativity Competition.

This teaching salon activity has played a positive role in further consolidating the teaching characteristics of "promoting learning by competition, promoting teaching by competition, and integrating competition with teaching", promoting the teaching reform under the background of digitalization and intelligence, enhancing students' comprehensive innovative design practice ability in multiple dimensions, and continuously improving the teaching quality.

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