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The School of Arts Union organized the "Beautiful March Enjoy Baking" cake making activity

Writer: Reviewer: 陈恺恺 Time: 2023-03-10 16:44:22 Clicks:

In order to celebrate the 100th "March 8" Women's Day in China, the union of the College of Art organized female faculty and staff to carry out "beautiful March enjoy baking" cake making activities. On the afternoon of March 6th, the female staff participating in cake making learned to make cakes by hand in Room 1302 of the School of Arts.

At the event, the baker first prepared the raw materials for everyone and demonstrated the cake making process for everyone. Under the professional guidance of the baker, the staff gave full play to their cooking skills and creativity, and produced their own exquisite and delicious cakes.

This cake making activity has received positive response and extensive participation from all the staff, and everyone has learned the methods and skills of cake making. At the same time, it also relaxed everyone's mood, relieved the pressure, and made everyone realize the college's care for female faculty and staff. Finally,  sincerely wish all female faculty and staff happy holidays, youth, sweet life, and happiness!

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