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2020 Jiangsu Provincial Training Program for Teachers in Vocational Colleges has been successfully launched in Jiangsu University

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2020 Jiangsu Provincial Training Program for Teachers in Vocational Colleges has been successfully launched in 

Jiangsu University

On the morning of August 24, guided by education department of Jiangsu province, hosted by higher vocational teacher training center of Jiangsu province, Jiangsu university school of continuing education, combination of Jiangsu university college of art and Jiangsu university industrial centre to undertake respectively 2020 Jiangsu province vocational colleges teacher training - (environmental art design teaching organization and the core courses in field training course) and (mechanical manufacturing and automation, advanced manufacturing technology and application practice) in Jiangsu university commencement ceremony held successfully. Leaders of the School of Continuing Education, School of arts and Industrial Center of Jiangsu University attended the class opening ceremony, which was developed by the School of Continuing Education. Presided by Wei Jing, director of the office, 59 teachers from more than 20 higher vocational colleges in the province participated in the 11-day training program.

Start ceremony, Jiangsu university, vice President of the school of continuing education, Ji Bing welcome         speech, he briefly introduced the basic situation of Jiangsu university, and puts forward specific learning          requirements to join trainer, he hopes to focus, students in the learning process character, really sit still,           listening to, learn more deep, productive, maximum limit access to knowledge, enrich themselves, improve      themselves. Art institute of Jiangsu university party secretary li-Xin Zhu and industrial chain, director of the    center for    weeks represent the host school, college is introduced in the teaching practices and other aspects of research and innovation, says it will starting from the characteristics of higher vocational teachers' training, in accordance with requirements of the construction of "double type" teachers, suit the reality of higher vocational teaching need, solve the practical problems in the process of higher vocational teaching. With a serious and      responsible attitude, strengthen the training process management, strive to improve the quality of training, and sincerely wish the training workshop a complete success, I wish all students during the training healthy and     happy  learning.

After the opening ceremony, Professor Zhou Haiyan of Marxism College gave a lecture on "The First Lesson of Teacher's Morality". Professor Zhou to explain in detail what is a teacher, what is a virtue, virtue is to do what  the three problems, illustrates the importance of strengthening the ethics strengthen construction, emphasis on  people as a good teacher must be self-respect, self-reliance, self-discipline, to "beginner's mind, never forget to put" all the time, with the spirit of selfless dedication to infect students, cultivate students with profound         knowledge, scientific methods to guide students, with sincere love to warm the student, with lofty ethics to      influence students.

After the course, the teachers visited the school history Hall of Jiangsu University under the guidance of the    head teacher.

As an important part of higher education, higher vocational and technical education is the highest level in the vocational education system. Its main task is to cultivate technical applied talents needed by the society. Therefore, the teachers of higher vocational     and technical education are required to be double-qualified. The teachers of higher vocational education should not only have the teaching ability and basic quality of teachers, but also have various abilities and requirements of technical talents. According to     the Ministry of Education of the Ministry of Finance on implementation plans to improve the quality of teachers in vocational     colleges and universities (2017-2020) the opinions of the provincial departments of the provincial department of education during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" opinion "of vocational college teachers training work requireme-nts, in order to further strengthen the vocational colleges" double type "teachers team construction, improve the degree education and training of modern vocational education system, the art institute of Jiangsu university actively and successfully approved bid  " 2020 Jiangsu province vocational colleges teacher training project ", in the summer, under the guidance of school of continuing education, The college organizes all teachers and some graduate students in the department of Environmental Art to actively         prepare for relevant training.

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